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Shingo Taiko Rice Planting

This year Shingo Taiko Rice Plant will be showcased at Niimi Shingo "Parents and Children's Sun Turbine / Yumesuki Park Experience Pot"!

This "Shingo Taiko Rice Plant" has been told that it began as an event celebrating the Tanomarket from the middle Edo period, until the Showa 20s was done in various parts of the Shogo region. Currently Shingo local folk song preservation society is handed down to local elementary schools, and we are striving to preserve national cultural assets.

In 2008 He was designated as Okayama Prefecture Designated Important Intangible Folk Cultural Asset.

On the day of the event, bazaars and special product sales at special venues, rice cake throwing for fish picking and the like are planned! !
Everyone please come with your family (^ ^) /

A schedule
10: 00 ~ Opening Ceremony
10: 20 ~ Shingo Taiko
10: 50 ~ Kashirauti
11: 00 ~ Shingo Taiko rice planting
12: 30 ~ Grabbing of the egg
13: 30 ~ Bichu Kagura ·

● Bazaar · Special product sales will be done from 10: 20 to special venue.
· Tamago (Healthy forest from the school) · Hand-made udon · Wild vegetable oko · Senba beef skewer · Chow mein · Tomato (from the garden of the village)

Shingo local folk song preservation party
Shingo Community Center


日時 2018/5/27 sun 10:00~14:00
会場 Yumesuki Park
1977-1 Shingo-shimokojiro,Niimi-shi
お問い合わせ Shingo Branch Office Niimi City TEL:0867-92-6111


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