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Yumesuki Park (Parent-Child-Grandchild Waterwheel)

Yumesuki Park has the largest triad waterwheel in Japan (parent-child-grandchild waterwheel). At the Paper Center, visitors can learn the history of Oku Bitchu Kojiro Washi, the local traditional paper that has been passed down in the northern part of Bitchu Region since ancient times. Visitors can also try their hand at making traditional fans and post cards.

[Handmade Papermaking Workshop]
・Paper fan       600 yen
・Colored paper   500 yen
・Post card       300 yen
*For groups of 20 or more persons, individuals receive a 10% discount.

*Closed: Wednesdays

* Reservation required


住所 1977-1 Shingo-shimokojiro, Niimi-city
アクセス方法 新見ICから車で約15分
駐車場 Available
その他 0867-92-6577

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