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Obara Tourism Orchard

After quasi-high-cold Karst plateau with altitude of 450 ~ 500 m and newly planted peach · apple · pear in all 5 ha of Showa 56
It is an orchard that started.
About seven years later, each fruit got a lot of fruit and it became an orchard that many people would be delighted with.
  A sunny sun. A refreshing wind blowing through the plateau. Temperature difference of the day and night peculiar to Kusama plateau grows a bunch, one grain, beautiful fruit.
  We will deliver the fruit of the power of nature and the boasts that we love this plateau and brought up with flying to the seasons.
We would be very happy if we could please more people.
From early July to late November, you can enjoy peach, pear and apple hunting,
All you can eat fruits in the park by entrance fee alone.
We look forward to welcoming everyone.


住所 1204 Kusama, Niimi-shi
アクセス方法 about 30 minutes by car from Chugoku Expressway Niimi IC
駐車場 Available
その他 Tel.


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